Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Follow Through

Ok so recently I have been pondering what it means to see something through. I have been proud of myself recently for following through on commitments, projects, or resolutions. And I struggle to let others off the hook when they commit to something and simply give up.

To list a few of my recent completed more at home, couponing, certain bible studies, learning to sew and knit, (I'll have to talk about these more at some other time.) And most recently I started a book club.

I am proud to say that I followed through on this idea of starting a book club with some local women and it so far has been a success. We are on our fifth book and going strong. (Again, a topic of it own.)

But as I began to think more and more about following through on the things, I began to question if I do this to almost a fault. For example, when I start a book, I force myself to finish even if it is the WORST book I have read. Or have joined some different groups lately that have turned out to be an unproductive use of my time. But since I have committed I will follow though to the end. Sure I will complain the entire time, have a bad attitude, and be resentful of the time wasted, but I HAVE TO FINISH!!!! I started this project, or made this commitment darn it!

Ok so maybe I am just too stubborn, strong-willed, and even too prideful to admit I have started something that may be wasting my time. Too prideful to say, "this may have been a bad idea". And if you know me at all, I am the queen of grand ideas. But instead of giving up now I will waste even more time, and/or money and continue on making myself and sometimes others around me miserable.

So I guess the question is... How do I find the balance between being a quitter when projects or commitments aren't as fruitful or fun as I desire, and sticking it out to build character, and honor commitment. Food for thought.....

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